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Fee For Service Technology Platforms

SOMAscan proteomic assay

The CHI runs on site the SOMAscan proteomic assay able to detect 1.3k human protein analytes. SOMAscan is a highly multiplexed, aptamer-based assay optimized for protein biomarker discovery [1]. This assay simultaneously measuring a broad range of protein targets has proved successful in the identification of biomarker signatures in a variety of recent biomedical applications. The basis of the SOMAscan Assay relies upon a new generation of protein-capture Slow Offrate Modified Aptamer (SOMAmer) reagents [2]. These are short single-stranded DNA sequences modified to confer specific binding to target proteins. Using these reagents, SOMAscan is able to comparatively evaluate protein abundance in a volume of 50 ul of serum, plasma, or other biological matrices.

Helios a CyTOF system

The CHI runs on site a CyTOF system Helios which is Fluidigm's most advanced device in the field of mass cytometry (CyTOF). It allows for the analysis of individual cells using state-of-the-art inductively coupled plasma time-of-flight mass spectrometry (ICP-TOF-MS) technology. Mass cytometry, like flow cytometry, is used to analyze cell populations. Rather than using fluorochromes, antibodies are conjugated to heavy metal tags. The metal tags are of a higher molecular weight than what is found naturally abundant in biological systems. It is important to remember that these ions are not radioactive; they are safe to use on a standard benchtop. Without fluorophores, auto fluorescence is not a limiting issue, and there is no need for compensation between channels like in flow cytometry. The advantage to mass cytometry over flow cytometry is the ability to screen for more markers per panel (approximately 40 markers).

Other Technology Platforms